Here you see symbols of harmony, pride, and respect. These symbols show respect to multiple nationalities in car dealerships. They are shown in concerts, and embassies, court houses and sporting events. This page shows our different categories of Flags. Don't be confused by some because they have a strictly advertising purpose. Our range is from state, to country, and nonsensical novelty "pirate skull and cross bones", to message driven "for sale" ones. 

You commonly see advertising flags at car dealerships. Multi-colored ones are useful to draw attention to a model home in a new housing community, or checker the outline of a marathon race.

They ship quick and last long, made of long lasting nylon material. The sewn edges help to withstand a long time exposed to the outdoor elements, resisting fraying in the wind. All flags sold are a standard three feet by five feet size. The United States flag is the only one available with embroidered details. All other flags are screen printed.

If you are interested in more advertising material similar to the wordings mentioned on our advertisement flags, check out our banners here.